Led by Artistic Director Hazen Cuyler

Each week, the training program focuses on three major elements- script analysis, Michael Chekhov technique exercises (among others) and scene study. Each class balances and reinforces these three elements. The final hour in class is dedicated to scene work, which is rehearsed outside of class.

The goal for these classes is precision at every moment; creating a definitive structure, beat by beat, to allow for the infinite expression and honesty of the artist. The precision we develop is necessary to work in Greenhouse, and these classes are an important part of casting projects, as we rarely hold auditions. 



“His kind, thorough, and excellent instruction was the best I have ever received. I am incredibly grateful for his help.” – Judy Moreno

“The vigor of his process, and the profound joy evoked through creativity, is infectious and inspiring. If you’re interested in exploring the depth and humanity of a character – this class would be wonderful to be a part of.” – James Meneses

*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY* $75 per month

Please email  greenhouse.ensemble@gmail.com. for more information or to register