“So many of the evening’s contributing artists deserve to be singled out and praised, but sufficed to say, this was a most enjoyable evening out, filled with artwork, live entertainment,and high quality plays. Greenhouse Ensemble Soiree Evenings are well worth keeping an eye out for”

– Tania Fisher,




“Greenhouse delved into creating Theatre.
You could tell a lot of thought went into the selection of the pieces. Using a musical guest to announce the shows created transitions virtually without seams. The direction of Small Talk was very well done, Sandbox reminded me of what Off-Broadway used to be like in the good ol’days  and I really got into Yog Sothoth. It was a very enjoyable evening that ran smoothly.”

 – Joey Guastella, Avid Theater Goer



JUNE 23-25, 2017

* A Little Culture by Elin Hampton- Directed by Varvara Ilchenko
Featuring Evyn Whiteley & Fernando Lamberty
*Appetizers, or On an Island Somewhere by Scott Sickles- Directed by Sara Rademacher
Featuring James Meneses, Eliza Greene-Smith, Folami H. Williams & Jay William Thomas
*The Button Pushers by Ruben Carbajal- Directed by Charles Anderson
Featuring Roman Freud, Michael Donaldson & Danijela Popovic
*President’s Day by Rob Roznowski- Directed by Allison Plamondon
Featuring Debra Lass & Hanlon Smith-Dorsey
*Six Feet Down by Mark Cornell- Directed by Keegan McDonald
Featuring Marco Agnolucci & Taylor Owens
*Speed Date by Patrick Vermillion- Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Featuring Mary Rawlins, Di Zhu & Keegan McDonald
*Stuck by Scott Mullen- Directed by Kim Sharp
Featuring Hazen Cuyler & Luisa Menzen
*The Ultimate Battle For Total Control Of The Entire Universe by Rich Orloff -Directed by Sean Walsh
Featuring Spencer Scott & Lize Galidia

Musical Performances by Reanna Armellino, Eric Poindexter and Di Zhu
Artwork by Megan Porpeglia and Anna Turner
*Photo Credit Mar Riehl


JUNE 17th, 2016

*Angela K Harbanks- by Sam Havens- Directed by Celine Havard
Featuring Nicole Flender and Paul Thomas Ryan
*Green Sound- by John Patrick Bray- Directed by Tony Tombasco
Feturing Rachel Drayke and Courtney M. McClellan
*Immersion Therapy- by David McGregor- Directed by Reanna Armellino
Featuring Charles Anderson, Kelsey Mathes and Mark Eric Gomez
*It Skips a Generation- by C. J. Ehrlich- Directed by Daniel Capalbo, Jr
Featuring Shelby Hiltunen and Kevin Gilmartin
*Motherly Love- by Lia Romeo- Directed by George Pappas
Featuring James Meneses, Carol Palmero and Myra Thibault
*Next- by Scott Mullen- Directed by Daniel DeStefano
Featuring Billy Griffin, Megan Lynch and Carla Nager
*Petey Bear- by Frank Tangredi- Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Featuring Spencer Scott, Keegan McDonald and Rashad Brown
*The Maltese Walter- by John Minigan- Directed by Keegan McDonald
Featuring Mary Rawlins, Justin Schilling and R. David Robinson

Musical Performances by Toni Goldman, Ethan Dunbar and Rashad Brown
Artwork by Bronwen Sharp and AKASSA
*Photo Credit Carol Caver


FEBRUARY 26, 2016

*A Dog Dreams- by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith- Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Featuring Dan Capalbo, Jr and Pat Dwyer
*Early- by Frank Tangredi- Directed by Robert Phillip Smith
Featuring Judy Levine, Andrew Mayer and Sheila Sheffield
*Responsible- by Bara Swain- Directed by Courtney Wetzel
Featuring Laura Kamin, Dan Kellmer and Cara Yeates
*The Last Prestidigitation of Christ- by Jack Karp- Directed by Mia Schachter
Featuring Matthew McShane and Jody Strand
*The Neighbor’s Son- by Rhea MacCallum- Directed by Craig Perkins
Featuring Joshua Bousard, Chelsea Clark, Natale Pepitone, Hayley Wayne and Karen Zechowy
*Sandbox- by Scott Mullen- Directed by Stephen Scheide
Featuring Brenan Grant, Michael LaDell Harris, Gina Marie Russell and Lindsey Zelli Ashworth
*Small Talk- by David MacGregor- Directed by Reanna Armellino
Featuring James Meneses, Rashad Brown and Shelby Hiltunen
*Yog Sothoth- by Lia Romeo- Directed by Nicholas Browne
Featuring Philip Feldman, Rebecca Knowles, Johnny Pozzi and Julia Warner