Written by John Patrick Shanley

D AN N Y  A N D  T H E  D E E P  B L U E  S E A   by John Patrick Shanley is an exploration into our deepest animalistic nature and our strong need to survive at all cost. It is a story of two beaten down loners who manage to find a way to connect to each other way after they have given up hope. It is raw and violent and beautiful all at the same time. The Greenhouse Ensemble understood this well and did a wonderful job exploring the many layers of humanism that many other productions would over look for the sake of the “fight”. Reanna Armellino and Hazen Cuyler did an amazing job of leaving their egos backstage and allowing us to witness both the anger and ugliness as well as the vulnerability and frailness of their characters.”

– Daniel Capalbo, Jr., Professor of Theater, CW Post

Directed by Austin Pendleton
Stage Management: Erin Cohen
Fight Choreography: Stephen Schiede
Set Design: Joe Napolitano
Costume Design: Rose Bisogno
Lighting Design: David Robertson

Reanna Armellino
Hazen Cuyler