Join us on Tuesday Evenings, as we expand our Quarantine Soirée to include Short Tuesdays. Every Tuesday evening at 7pm we screen a short film by an independent filmmaker, and Artistic Director Hazen Cuyler sits down with them for a brief interview. 

Click here to watch live on Facebook:  Greenhouse Live on Facebook

 Short Tuesdays: Tuesday Evenings at 7pm
Thursday Soiree: Thursday Evenings at 7pm 




Join us every week from 12-3pm for The Sunday Project.

Looking for a way to feel more productive or artistically active?  To do that thing you always say you want to do but then don’t do?  Join the club.  No literally- join our Sunday Project club. 

Three hours on Zoom where our artists work independently on… whatever they want.  Some paint, some edit film, some write, some memorize lines.  It’s your time, we’re just on Zoom with you, smiling through a rectangle, helping you accomplish your goals.  Email if you’d like to join us