We will be holding auditions for our seventh Ten Minute Play Soirée soon! Please check out the available roles. If you’re interested in auditioning, send us an email with your headshot and resume. 


23 & Me & Them

Father– mid 50s- late 60s. Stubborn, clings to Irish identity. Must be good with fast paced comedy

Mother– mid 50s- late 60s. Has a Stepford Wife quality- very agreeable with husband, mostly in the kitchen cooking

Son and daughter– (these can be interchangeable as any gender) 30s, smart, quick witted, playful, must be good with fast paced comedy


The Elephant


Jenn, 20s-40s – a new mom of a three month old -need we say more? – okay – kind, loving, happy – also exhausted, anxious, stressed. Able to tap into a wide range of emotion in a very short amount of time. Actress should be comfortable with the action of “breast pumping” on stage – modestly or openly (Note from playwright: This can be done modestly…Or SHE can totally go for it! Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing.Pumping is god-awful and more people should understand that visually.)

Skylar, 20-40s, any gender – a bubbling fountain of energy, dressed to the nines to go out. The kind of person who lives to pre-game as much as they live to party. Never going to have kids. Equally compelled and weirded out by the site of a woman breast feeding. Strong comedy skills.


Regis County Invitational Track Meet


Louiza – 18+ to play 12 years old. Louiza has broken her foot and is watching the track meet she was supposed to run, one week after surviving a car accident that took her mother’s life. She and her friend Dani had a recent falling out since the accident. She is suspicious as to why Dani is sitting with her at the meet as the pain of a friend’s betrayal only compounds the pain of losing her mother.

 – 18+ to play 12 years old. Louiza’s friend who sits with her during the track meet. She can be gossipy and gruff. They had a recent falling out this past week, following the death of Louiza’s mother. She awkwardly seeks Louiza’s forgiveness.


The Translator

Marisol – She/her. 30’s-40’s. Latina. Warm exterior, feisty interior. She is first-generation American and is a self-starter who carries herself with confidence and a relaxed intelligence.

Daniel – He/him. 40’s. Mixed race of Latino heritage. Tough guy exterior, gentle interior. He has taken an extreme beating from life in a very short period of time.

Forbidden Love

WILLIAM — Male Squirrel, early 20’s. Looking for actor great with physical comedy and comfortable with Elizabethan English.

EDWARD — Male squirrel, early 20’s and William’s best friend. Looking for actor great with physical comedy comfortable with Elizabethan English.