Interested in training at Greenhouse?

Please send an email to Private classes/coaching is also available on request, both in person and via zoom. 


Led by Artistic Director Hazen Cuyler


Intense training and exercise regimen designed for working within The Greenhouse Ensemble.
Monday Evenings. 

If you’re interested, please send your headshot and resume to


Hardest working, Exemplary students will be given opportunity to perform in Greenhouse Ensemble productions.



Continued Professional Training by Invitation Only. Designed for Artists who have worked on Greenhouse Ensemble shows or have been enrolled in our affordable training program.



“Learning Chekhov technique with Greenhouse has been immensely rewarding. It’s given me a clear, specific process for approaching any performance. I’d recommend it for new and experienced actors alike—and the value for investment can’t be beat! “- Leah Barker

“This technique makes it possible for an actor to not only rely on his imagination to reproduce character responses but to have an authentic practical process in order to replicate their performance after performance accurately. I believe Hazen knows how to bring out the best of an actor’s talents and trains the actor on how they can do this themselves for future roles”– Robert Hickey

When I first started at Greenhouse, I had very little acting and performing experience outside of improv, so it’s no exaggeration to say I’ve learned almost everything I know about acting from Hazen. He has an intense, intimate way of working that forces you to learn and grow. At times it can be challenging or uncomfortable, but it’s his goal to stretch you as an actor, and the results can be truly staggering. His technique focuses on action, sensation, and repetition, so that by showtime, you’re primed to give the most robust and fully realized performance possible. If you’re considering working with Hazen, be prepared to take a rewarding and demanding next step in your journey as a performer, but also be prepared for some fun. I’ve had some great laughs in Greenhouse rehearsals.” – Chris Curtland

His kind, thorough, and excellent instruction was the best I have ever received. I am incredibly grateful for his help.” – Judy Moreno

“The vigor of his process, and the profound joy evoked through creativity, is infectious and inspiring. If you’re interested in exploring the depth and humanity of a character – this class would be wonderful to be a part of.” – James Meneses

Please email for more information or to register