Upper West Side Short Film Festival


7:00 PM: Music by Rashad Brown
Rashad Brown is a singer, instrumentalist and actor based in New York City. His music is inspired by Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and Sly and the Family Stone. He has played the Brooklyn Folk Festival, Jalopy Theater, and is also a member of Spirit Family Reunion who play in and around the city.

7:30 PM: Selection of Short Films

1. I Walk With Ghosts directed by Grant Clover (USA): In this short poetic film, a man follows ghosts, witnessing the subtle beauty of their journeys and their desires.

2. King Wah (I Think I Love You) directed by Horatio Saltz (USA): A disgruntled delivery man, a woman with chronic déjà vu, Pat Sajak, and a slow dance in a Chinese takeout restaurant.

3. My BFF directed by Che Shi Ou (USA): A two-minute 3D animated film that follows a young boy and robot throughout a pleasant day

4. Sincopat directed by Pol Diggler (Spain): Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain. 

5. Flo Go directed by John Dawson (USA): Flo Go is an experimental film made by Colorado artist and filmmaker John Dawson in 2023. This short film is 100% hand made by drawing, painting and scratching directly onto 16mm film stock.

6. Fatih the Conqueror directed by Onur Yagiz (France): A short fiction comedy dealing with friendship, love and immigration.

7. Dating a Murder Mystery Character directed by Joey Rotter (NYC): The friend group finally gets to meet Jordan’s new boyfriend. Unfortunately, he makes a killer impression. 

8. Teyo directed by Kevin Gaddi (NYC): A grieving 12 year old boy steals a magnum revolver from an unlocked parked car and sets off to fire a gun for the very first time.

9. Singularity directed by Christopher Jarvis (USA): A short sci-fi film shot on 8mm. 

10. Gladiator directed by Sepehr Jahangiri (Iraq): In Iraq, a little son, Ali, is trying to avoid early marriage of his sister Narges, and he has to pay a debt. 

11. The Diamond directed by Vedran Rupic (Sweden): Stefan is lonely with a blinding ambition to make friends. One day he stumbles upon a diamond in the woods. Unable to reach it, the solution presents itself in the form of an even smaller man.

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