This holiday season, we’ve launched our campaign Grow Our Greenhouse 2022.
With your help, we can turn our ambitious goals into stunning reality in 2023. 


More than ever, the holiday season makes us appreciate the partnerships we’ve built, and the new ones that have just begun. This year, we are pledging to raise $5000.00. By making a tax-deductible donation, you can be part of journey to growth in 2023. 

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So what exactly would your money be supporting? Here’s a few examples:

Early 2023 Expenses:

Live theater production costs for Muse by Frank Tangredi  including: Actor/Artist Salaries, Performance Space, Set Design Materials, Props/Costumes, Marketing Materials and Publicist
LLC and Incorporation fees to the State of New York

Mid-Late 2023 Costs:

Live theater production costs for our seventh Ten Minute Play Soiree
Production costs for a new film by Matt O’Shea including Location Costs, Actor/Artist Payments, Union Contracts, Set Dressings, Props/Costumes, Equipment Rental

Production costs for the second annual Upper West Side Short Film Festival
Upgrading film equipment to continue to grow our capabilities and quality of work

Annual Costs: 

Monthly rent to Storage Locker
Annual Fees for Fractured Atlas
Website Hosting
Bank Fees
Space for our low-cost acting classes offered to students
Continuing Education Classes for members

In short, your donations help us continue creating, acting, writing, directing, streaming, curating, hosting, filming, zooming, exploring, dreaming, succeeding, building, growing, inspiring, expressing, discovering, revealing, supporting, connecting, teaching, transforming, communicating, sharing and spreading joy.

With last year’s donations, we were able to continue our journey of growth.
We produced a fully staged workshop production of Joey Rotter’s play Captain Placeholder
We submitted Lifestyle Content and Revival to short film festivals 
We produced the first live Ten Minute Play Soiree since the pandemic, with 7 new pieces performed live at the West Side Community Garden

We produced the first Upper West Side Short Film Festival, screening 11 short films for audiences at a low cost ticket price
We began a new Writer’s Group, meeting twice a month with new works being read by various actors
We started a low-cost ongoing training class for students looking to study acting but not necessarily being able to afford to take classes at the larger schools
We shot a short film called Murder Mystery written by Joey Rotter
We purchased important equipment, including large lighting set-ups, new body mics and hard drives capable of storing large amounts of footage


Thank you for your ongoing support and love! It takes a lot of love and care from many individuals to keep the work going even in the best of times. We thank all of you for the support you have given us as friends, audience members, advisors, and donors.