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The Arts are a Necessity in our lives.
We are here to serve the Artists, the community and our audiences by bringing to them the highest quality art and making it accessible to as many people as possible.

Contributions from individuals play a vital role in our ability to develop and present work.
You are our greatest advocates and partners in our mission to provide extraordinary Artistic experiences that inspire, enlighten and enrich lives.
There are several ways that you can be a part of what we do at Greenhouse:

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Your donation helps us to provide a positive judgement free environment, where artists of any discipline create fully realized work. Your donation helps aid in our fight against the corporate grid that cripples an Artist’s development. Your donation ensures that we are able to continue bringing high quality artistic experiences to communities where it has not been accessible before. Your support is more than appreciated – it is critical to our survival and what allows us to thrive.

Become a part of our Artistic Greenhouse.

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The Greenhouse Ensemble is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-­‐‑profit arts service organization
Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Greenhouse Ensemble must be made payable to “Fractured
Atlas” only and are tax-­‐‑deductible to the extent permitted by law.



Our deepest gratitude to the following individuals and organizations whose continued generosity makes everything we do possible.

*Don and Sharon Greenspon   *Tara Deiana
*Frank Tangredi   * M.S. Kerr
*James Auker  *Joseph Greco
*Jennifer Armellino *Patrick Armellino
*Kim Sharp   *Michael Ostrow
*R. David Robinson*Charles Black
*Hugh Rawlins    *Rob Roznowski
*Dan Capalbo, Jr    *Angela Tangredi
*Marie Tangredi    *Celine Havard
*Scott Sickles    *Roman Freud
*Matt Gulley    *Boris Brownstein
*Di Zhu    *Charles Anderson
*Gabrielle Rancourt    *Alara Ceri
*Greg Hodges    *George Pappas
*Barbara Oakes    *Catherine Goodman
*Jim Kempner    *Jennifer Regan
*Bill Nabel    *Michael Folie
*Karin Silbert    *Tom Morwick
*Lynne Meneses    *Emma Stevens
*Jaclyn Richter    *Sandi Durell
*Eric Michael Gillett    *Natalie Klein
*Hannah Suzanna    *Doug DeVita
*Barbara Gulley    *Joseph Lagalante
*Aaron Rosenbush    *Joey Guastella
*Pat Dwyer    *Sean Mcnamara
*William Ivor Fowkes    *Susan Macaluso
*Susana Pascuma
*Craig Sherman    *Solomon Ravich
*Mark J. Becks    *Mike Boland
*Ashley Gam    *Linda Rosenbush
*Leslie Brown    *Allison Kroeper
*Edward Armellino    *Kelsey Brown
*Jamie Rotter    *Tanya Scott
*Austin and Marah    *Mimi Rosenbush
*Kirk Domer    *Jaclyn Richter
*Sylvia Rosenbush    *Laura Plachta
*Robyn Gold    *Jennifer Regan
*Jill Gold    *Sherri Stark
*Daniel Hickey    *John Richard Mayeyko
*Joy Martin    *Louis Portnoy
*Ben Jordon    *Jonathan Joseph
*Jan Rotter    *Ted Sherman
*Jeffrey Sheffler    *Barbara Schenendorf
*Allison Kroeper *Dennis Corsi