“… A solid, well acted production [directed] by Hazen Cuyler for the Greenhouse Ensemble… a play that will leave you with topics to talk about.” – Michael Dale, Onstage Blog

Written by Frank Tangredi
Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Assistant Director Eve Helek
Stage Manager Tori Herda


Reanna Armellino
Anne Fizzard
Rachel Gatewood
Jeffrey Grover
Robert Hickey
Matt O’Shea

*Photos by Bronwen Sharp


Or the Adventures of We’ll Figure It Out Later

Written by Joey Rotter
Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Assisted by Leigh Marie McCarver


Chloe Bell
Danny Houk
McKenna Kelley
Courtney Anne Nelson
Joey Rotter
Emma Shafer
Audrey Shapiro
Sean Walsh

*Photos by Bronwen Sharp




“Theater veteran and artist, Hazen Cuyler and company put up a fun Outdoor Summer Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night on the West Side, which was so well received, that it was turning heads and drawing attention all the way to the East Side” – New York Shakespeare Year End Award Nomination, 2021

Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Assistant Director: Ellie Handel


Maddi Albregts, Reanna Armellino
Hazen Cuyler, Pëtra Denison
Michael Donaldson, Danny Houk
Keegan McDonald, Deja Ross
Joey Rotter, JD Scalzo
Christine Skorupa, Shay Wisniewski

July 15th-August 1st 2021
Central Park & West Side Community Garden

*Photos by Iris Johnson




“I’d see another play from this group any day!”
– Gil,

Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Fight Choreography by Gabriel Rosario
Assistant Fight Choreographer Brynn Knickle


Charles Anderson Reanna Armellino
Charles Black Leah Coconides
Chris Curtland Michael Donaldson
Pëtra Denison Amanda Figueiredo
Conor Andrew Hall Matthew Ibáñez
Ariel Polanco Mar Riehl
Joey Rotter Riley Austin Scott
Spencer Scott

July 18-28, 2019 at Pushkin Hall




By Frank Tangredi

“The Greenhouse Ensemble is one of NYC’s Most coherent and inspiring companies. The ensemble works together in an incredible way and each of the stories in this multifaceted play has a deep message.”


Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Designed by Leon Joosen

Reanna Armellino         Gail Merzer Behrens
Charles Black               Dan Capalbo
Chris Curtland             Tom Crouch
Catherine Goodman      Philip O’Gorman
Conor Andrew Hall        Celine Frances Havard
Seah McCoy                  Keegan McDonald
Blaine Mizer                 Mar Riehl
Joey Rotter                   Spencer Gold         Sean Walsh

*Photos by Sean McCoy



By Wendy MacLeod

“Cuyler uses everything at his disposal, knows the material well enough to make the right choices and has a cast that is strong, confident and committed to their characters in a manner that beautifully brings this story to life.”

– Roger Gonzalez,

Directed and Designed by Hazen Cuyler
Production Stage Manager: Keegan McDonald

Reanna Armellino
Cory Haynes
Spencer Scott
Jo Anne Sellers
Jenny Ward



*Photo Credit: Mar Riehl



Devised by The Greenhouse Ensemble

“Always exciting to see a Greenhouse show because you never know what to expect! Congratulations to the cast and crew of While You Wait on such an honest, vulnerable and sincere performance. Thank you for the courage to explore and share your intimate feelings about art, human relationships and the theater. Cannot wait to see it again in the future!”

– Di Zhu, Managing Director, The Russian Arts Theatre and Studio

Directed by Spencer Scott
Designed by Hazen Cuyler

Reanna Armellino
Sarah Teresa Burns
Keegan McDonald
James Meneses
Mary Rawlins




Written by John Patrick Shanley

D AN N Y  A N D  T H E  D E E P  B L U E  S E A   by John Patrick Shanley is an exploration into our deepest animalistic nature and our strong need to survive at all cost. It is a story of two beaten down loners who manage to find a way to connect to each other way after they have given up hope. It is raw and violent and beautiful all at the same time. The Greenhouse Ensemble understood this well and did a wonderful job exploring the many layers of humanism that many other productions would over look for the sake of the “fight”. Reanna Armellino and Hazen Cuyler did an amazing job of leaving their egos backstage and allowing us to witness both the anger and ugliness as well as the vulnerability and frailness of their characters.”

– Daniel Capalbo, Jr., Professor of Theater, CW Post

Directed by Austin Pendleton
Stage Management: Erin Cohen
Fight Choreography: Stephen Schiede
Set Design: Joe Napolitano
Costume Design: Rose Bisogno
Lighting Design: David Robertson

Reanna Armellino
Hazen Cuyler




Written by Frank Tangredi

Greenhouse Poster Brighter Green 4 (2)-page-001 (1)

A funny and poignant play about religion, gender, sex and morality. With Artistic Director Hazen Cuyler at the helm, The Greenhouse Ensemble makes a remarkably strong debut with an excellent cast. This scrappy, lean production reveals what passionate theatre artists are capable of – it is to be celebrated. Everyone who takes theatre seriously should grab the opportunity to see this audacious production”

– Kim T. Sharp, Associate Artistic Director & Literary Manager; Abingdon Theatre Company

Directed by Hazen Cuyler
Stage Manager: Erin Cohen
Fight Choreography: Stephen Schiede
Set Design: Hazen Cuyler and James Meneses
Lighting Design: Catherine Clark

Reanna Armellino
Paul Lehrman
Kelsey McClarnon
Lori McNally
Don Pritt
Spencer Scott




An evening of four short plays by Theresa Rebeck


I was inspired by Rebeck’s honest, nuanced portrayal of romantic relationships and their myriad of complexities. The impact one person can have on our lives can be, in turns, elating and devastating.”

-Jenny Ward, Actress


*The Actress- Directed by Sara Rademacher
*Does This Woman Have a Name? – Directed by Kelly McCready
*Candy Heart- Directed by Ran Xia
*Big Mistake- Directed by Celine Havard





*Photo Credit Mar Riehl